brzdné vozíky důlní hydraulické stojky omezovače rychosti

Mining machinery manufacturing, service carts•braking control measuring devices•Speed limiter•CNC Milling•individual hydraulic reinforcement


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LMR s.r.o. Frýdek - Místek

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Manufacture, and service of mining machinery, CNC milling with CAD / CAM systém

Company Profile LMR sro  

 The company LMR sro was founded in 1998 with a focus on the development, manufacture and servicing of mining equipment  for suspended transport and individual hydraulic supports. 

All activities are carried out in its own industrial area in Frýdek-and with qualified personnel and modern machinery we are able to flexibly respond to the growing demands of our customers. 

At present, the company LMR Ltd. as a stable supplier of mining equipment , and CNC machining. 

Our devices work performed outside the Czech and Slovak Republic also in deep mines in areas of Russian Siberia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico and Turkey.




LMR s.r.o
registered office and place of business of the company:
ul.Svazarmovská 2287 
738 01 Frýdek-Místek
IČ: 25395068
DIČ: CZ25395068
tel./fax.: +420 558 676 392