brzdné vozíky důlní hydraulické stojky omezovače rychosti

Mining machinery manufacturing, service carts•braking control measuring devices•Speed limiter•CNC Milling•individual hydraulic reinforcement

Production program 

Mining Suspended transport

- Braking trucks   are mechanical-hydraulic cantilever brakes used as a safety device in mining operations on the monorail. Its features provide a suite of its parts against driving and endangering the safe operation of exceeding the maximum permissible transmission speed.

type BTsBTs type-DUOtype BT30

- Control devices used for operational validation of technical parameters of braking cars, hanging locomotives and other traction devices for mining overhead track.

Meters tripping speed are designed to control the speed limiters

MVO1 typetype MVO2           

Meters static braking forces are designed to control braking systems

MSBS1 typetype MSBS2 


- Speed limiters  performs continuous monitoring of ground speed and are adjusted so that the centrifugal mechanism commands the brake (hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic systems) for exceeding the maximum transport speed. They are an integral part of the braking cars, hanging locomotives and other traction devices for mining overhead track. They are available in different versions according to customer requirements and switching speed can be adjusted from 130ot/min to 1300ot/min which corresponds to a rate of 2.5-28 km / h  

 Individual hydraulic reinforcement

- Hydraulic valve blocks are designed to perform, looting (discharge) protection and the internal pressure of the working fluid mines hydraulic props. kind HVHVP type (spring)

Mining hydraulic prop type HP are designed for the individual working face reinforcement to ensure the workspace vyuhlených areas in horizontal, inclined and polostrmých seams. It is a single-acting hydraulic linear piston with integrated valve block.




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