Checking equipment

Our company manfacturing program consists of:

Checking apparatus MVO

is used to measure the tripping speed of speed limiter of bracking trucks, monorail locomotives and other traction vehicles for mine monorails.

Technical parameters:
measuring range 0 - 900 RPM
group and category I M1 Ex ia I Ma / I M2 c

  • type MVO1
  • type MVO2  

Výroba důlních kontrolních přístrojů brzdných vozíků, závěsných lokomotiv

Checking apparatus MSBS

is used to measure the static brake force of BTs, BTs-DUO and other monorail braking carriages.

Technical parameters:
measured force max 65 kN (65 MPa)
as per the standard ČSN EN 1127-2, working evironment featured with dangerous atmospheric contitions 2

  • type MSBS1
  • type MSBS2