MinING monorail transport

Our company manfacturing program consists of:

Výroba důlních brzdných vozíků

Monorail bracking carriages

are mechanical-hydraulic self-supporting emergency braking devices with continuous braking effect, designed to run on overhead monorail of heavy type. They secure the set of wagons and its elements against going off and endangering the operational safety upon exceeding maximum permitted transport velocity.

 Types of bracking carriges 


Výroba důlních omezovačů rychlosti

Speed limiters

secure permanent monitoring of the traveling velocity, being adjusted such a way, that their centrifugal mechanism would give the command to start braking (start up pulse) upon exceeding maximum permitted haulage velocity.

They are an integral part of bracking trucks, hanging locomotives and other traction means of mine hanging monorail tracks.

We can produce limiters in many variants depending on the customer demands and the tripping speed limiter rotations we can set from 130 RPM up to 1300 RPM which means speed of  2,5 - 28 km per hour.